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Welcome to the world of microcontroller programming. 

As we go about our everyday lives, we usually have little knowledge of the world of electronic devices around us that not only do work for us, but also manage and control our lives.

There are billions and billions of these devices, and their 'brains' are usually electronic computer chips called microcontrollers

We call these 'embedded systems'

Embedded means, the microcontroller is hidden inside something e.g. cars, washing machines, fridges, robots, toys, industrial machines, traffic lights, motorcycles, etc, etc, etc.

System means, the microcontroller and the rest of the device work together

The way the system works is determined by the algorithm - the designers plan and its translation into a computer program or code.


The aim of this course is to help you begin to see the world in a slightly different way, so that when you look at a device you realize it has an electronic embedded system, and you can imagine in your mind the microcontroller, and the algorithm it is running.

Using the Arduino application on your PC, you will begin with learning to write code for the ESP32 microcontroller, while being introduced to some principles of coding.

Your learning:

⭐ recognize program code syntax (structure) and follow it

 understand the basic concepts of sequence, selection & iteration and how they are put together in an algorithm

begin to think like a programmer (logically breaking down problems into smaller and smaller parts)

⭐ write simple code that does stuff

 develop 'transparent' (comprehensible) coding practices

develop a working mental picture of a microcontroller-based embedded system

  understand the embedded system as an automaton (how microcontrollers can work without a human in control)

😃 build something, and have some fun while you are learning 😃

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The ESP32 was chosen as it is an inexpensive, modern, powerful, high speed microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi.

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